Producing and distributing
our wines worldwide
Since 1998

Our strength is our quality; we are the liaison between the terroir and the wine; while respecting local customs to reflect the true identity of our products.

About us

Our network, made up entirely of highly qualified partners in their respective fields, is our strength. Woven over the years and tested in different contexts and problems for our customers, this trusted network propels our company towards its missions whilst delivering the best service for our customers.

If necessary, we can extend our network with suitable experts. Regardless, the consultancy process is subject to identical quality requirements.

Our speciality is crafting drinks in
the best world locations.


Joel Palous founded, Buzdrinks in 1998 to deliver a unique service to his partners with exceptional products.


Founded and managed by Joel PALOUS, Buzdrinks specialises in consultancy and commercial development of branded wines and beverages.

In addition to a network of qualified professionals at different stages of the product lifecycle, and trusted business partners around the world, Buzdrinks delivers a unique service value, driven by its founder.

parallax background

Son of Aveyron peasants and familiarised from an early age with his future professional self with his grandfather winemaker who reveals his passion, more than a trader, a passionate entrepreneur Joel Palous has stayed true to his origins.

From Mazamet's catering school to Nimes wine training to WSET and then business educated in England, he is always thirsty for wine discovery through his extensive travels worldwide to develop new wines and create new business ventures with partners to bring his wine to light.

parallax background

Long years of experience in the development of wine estates and brands have forged today's conviction: in a harsh market, wines that are often superb but hardly known can enjoy interesting opportunities.